Bachelor of Science Technology (Chemistry)


Admission to the Bachelor of Science Technology (Chemistry) shall be done in accordance with the Kyambogo University procedures and regulations. In addition, a candidate shall be eligible for admission to the programme on meeting the following minimum qualifications:

Direct entry

For admission under the direct entry scheme, a candidate should   have Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education with two Advanced level passes obtained at the same sitting in Chemistry and either Physics, Mathematics, Biology or Technical Drawing.

For the purpose of computing entry points, the subjects shall be weighted as follows:

                Essential (3):  Chemistry

                Relevant (2):  Mathematics, Physics, Technical drawing, Biology

                Desirable (1):  General paper, sub mathematics

                Others (0.5):  Any other relevant science subject

Diploma Holders

This section outlines the different entry schemes for candidates who are not direct entrants of senior six but are diplona holders

  • Entry into year 1

All candidates with a Pass Diploma in Science Technology (Chemistry/ Biochemistry Techniques) or Science Technology (Chemistry), or any other relevant diploma shall be eligible for entry into year 1.

  • Entry into year 2

All candidates with a minimum Credit or Second Class (lower) Diploma in Science Technology (Chemistry /Biochemistry Techniques) or Science Technology (Chemistry) from a recognized institution shall be eligible for entry into semester one (1) of year two

Degree holders

Any candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in a Science-based field shall be eligible for admission onto the programme in year one.

Mature Age entry scheme

A candidate shall be eligible for entry into the Bachelor of Science Technology (Chemistry) programme into year 1 on passing Mature Age entry examinations administered by Kyambogo University.


The Bachelor of Science Technology (Chemistry) Programme is a full-time Day and Evening Programme conducted in either of the following ways:       

  • Six (6) Semesters i.e. 3 years for holders of Advanced level qualifications, Diplomas in 6 (i) (c) and (d).
  • Four (4) semesters i.e. 2 years for holders of Diplomas in 6(b) (ii). The Department shall work out all the appropriate credit transfers not exceeding 40% of the minimum programme load. Each academic year shall consist of two semesters where each semester shall consist of 15 weeks of teaching and two weeks of examination.

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